Brew 51

Branding Identity/Packaging

Brew 51 is a coffee shop that specializes in gourmet coffee. Its branding identity is inspired by extraterrestrials and space exploration, it is a playful take on the mystery and conspiracies that lurk behind Area 51. The concept is based around a storyline in which Aliens invade Earth and discover Coffee. They become obsessed with its great taste and extraordinary properties that eliminate exhaustion. They proceed to abduct as much coffee as they can find. Brew 51 is a collection of the best coffee the aliens found on Earth. The logo’s typeface is warped to resemble the fluidity of coffee and match the wacky, playful aesthetic of the brand. Using the negative space the logo features a UFO abducting coffee straight out of a mug. Additional merchandise was also created in order to appeal to the brands target audience.